This candle smells gorgeous!

Inspired by the last full moon of the year, the “Yule Moon”, (also known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon) has long been considered the time of year to give gifts and make offerings.

“Yule Moon” fills the room with the scent of Christmas. Note of oranges, golden berries and frankincense are blended to produce an enchanting and warming scent from the moment you open the lid! Topped with orange peel to bring love and cloves to attract riches, this candle is perfect for invoking abundance, fortune and joy for yourself and your loved ones.

The candle is finished with glitter (can’t have a Christmas candle without glitter) and rubies to represent a wealth of confidence and yearlong commitment to your happiness. Burn this candle as a dedication to your higher self, and as a wish for the year to come.

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Each candle is made with 100% eco soy wax, scented with the finest fragrance oils. Hand-poured in the Oxfordshire countryside, they are finished by hand with sustainable dried flowers and topped with crystals charged under the full moon.

Poured into re-usable glass jars, with lead-free wicks, each candle is 100% vegan, cruelty free, with an approximate burn time of around 20 hours, and are designed to bring a little bit of magic into every home.

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